Our Portfolio Companies

We are dedicated to growing and adding long-term value to our companies by taking a hands-on approach and becoming a strategic partner to the owners and management.

What Is It Like To Work With Us?

  • Toby King CEO, Bowman Power Group, Bowman

    We are delighted to have Fjord as an investor in our business. They are more than just a source of funds, providing great strategic advice, numerous useful contacts and several customer leads - my experience is that they are always happy to help in any way they can.

    But once the strategy is agreed, they leave the management team the space to lead and run the business. They are also patient and now have the financial horsepower to allow portfolio companies to build businesses of real scale before seeking an exit.

  • Dr Anders Weber Managing Director, BioGasol, Bio Gasol

    Working with Fjord is hard: Hard to match the enthusiasm, ambition and talent of its diverse people; and it is easy: Easy to be part of its kind, friendly and cheerful crew.

    The needs of a business change through its life. I have felt the passionate interest, received expert assistance and friendly encouragement at the right moments, but otherwise left to follow my own path.

  • Frank Pollman Co-Founder and CEO, Taha International Corporation, Taha International Corporation

    It has been a genuine pleasure to work with the Fjord team, since they invested in our company in 2013. Fjord has given us so much more than the much needed funds for our global expansion. They have been knowledgeable partners, whose support is of great help to Taha.